Life is Fleeting

Some people have this belief that they or anything they do is somehow eternal,
‘like the stars’.
But in reality nothing is eternal.

Mountains will eventually be flattened to dust – even the brightest stars fizzle and die out as we do.

With death comes nothing, true nothing, unimaginable nothing; before you were born nothing.

It’s a scary thought isn’t it? It should be.
We should be scared of death, yet we’re not.

It’s easier to live in a world where there’s always a next time. It’s quite nice to lull yourself in to this false sense of security. The belief that your soul is somehow eternal makes you one thing – lifeless

If you were as eternal as you might feel, failure would stick with you forever right? shame and disappointment would never leave you, therefore don’t dare attempt anything extraordinary!

The distant horizon of death encourages you to play it safe: “live to fight another day”, for surely there’s always another day, except, well, there’s not.

But if you can picture the nothingness to eventually come, what is there to be afraid of?

There is no objective meaning of life, very few of us will even be a flash in human history, which in itself is meaningless in the ‘grand scheme of things’, but we make our own meaning daily through ourselves and each-other.

Your days are numbered, you don’t know when you’ll die, but you will die: spend this finite amount of time being you.



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