What We Can Learn From Pizza

I needed something between vitae et morte, life and death (mostly for aesthetical reasons, sorry), and I thought what else was kinda latin and as unreal as limbo or purgatory?

What else but Pizza?

Steaming strands of cheese
Ripe tomatoes, plump and sweet
That’s a pizza pie
-A famous Haiku from the Hokkaido region of Japan

Pizza is arguably the most profound delicacy on our little planet, and perhaps beyond, as even the likes of alien teenage turtles that live their lives out in the dank sewers beneath us admire our fabulous pizza pies.

Each pizza is incredibly unique – From thin to phat chicago crust, from tomato to barbecue base, pepperoni to pineapple toppings. Each one is merely a variation of a single gnarly template, just as all people are extremely unique variations of one another.  Whether it’s deep-dish with pepperoni or thin crust with olives, each has different reasons to be appreciated, and by different people.

Humans do differ from Pizza in some ways though I suppose – people have souls, dreams and ambitions, emotions and feelings, interests and desires. Alas I refuse to let my pizza metaphors just end on the note of their physical make-up. More importantly Pizza and it’s variations could be symbolic of someone’s interests or ambitions, and could define their dreams or emotions.

Each person has their preference for pizza, or maybe there’s only one kind of pizza they literally can eat.

Most people don’t like anchovies on their pizza, but surely someone does, in fact, surely a large amount of people do, and just because you or I don’t like that pizza, doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t have the opportunity to put little dead fish on their God-bread, if that’s what they’re in to.

I’m lucky, like most people, I’m a pepperoni kinda guy, I didn’t chose to be, I just am, pretty standard stuff. I go to a pizza party and I’m guaranteed there’ll be pepperoni around there somewhere. Other people aren’t as fortunate though and as a minority  they must accept that their pizza with anchovies most likely won’t always be there, and that’s okay, but this acceptance is saddening enough for someone without also  being put down of for liking anchovies in the first place, no need my friends, no need.

You don’t need to like anchovies on your pizza, just tolerate that they exist, and don’t make a deal out of them, because someone else’s toppings do not effect your life and you shouldn’t  let them.

Live, let live.            Eat, let eat.

Perhaps Pizza can teach us a wonderful lesson in tolerance and acceptance, and if not, at least it tastes really good.

I hope you too have a passion4pizza and a love4life my friend, for the world is dark and full of terrors without it.

Tomato sauce is my blood, cheese is my lifeline, and pepperoni is my passion


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