Writers Aren’t Safe From The Rise of A.I.

More and more people are being displaced from their careers every day, mostly simple jobs like cashiers and factory workers, but it begs the question, will robots eventually take all of our jobs?

We like to think of the arts especially as a bastion of humanity, whereby no matter what jobs computers take over that a machine on its own will never produce decent pieces of literature or art, but we’re slowly coming to the realization that this isn’t the case. Simple twitter bots, for example, are creating little stories all the time.

One bot, in particular, that’s quite close to my heart is a tiny twitter bot created casually by two people, BuzzFeed writer Chris Rodley and Teacher & Coder Yeldora  that ‘writes a magic story every two hours’, its name? Magic Realism Bot. But how does it work? Below is just a little glance the little bots thinking process.

The tweets it produces range from surreal and intriguing…

…to just pure hilarious

It’s by no means the first twitter account of it’s kind. The twitterbot craze began as early as 2010, most notably the endearing Horse_ebooks, which created tweets from jumbled sentences from horse training e-books.

There are countless other funny & cool bots out there, such as dronesweetie that takes photos of drones from google images and attempts to describe what it sees, and even a couple spooky ones, like FFD8FFDB that tweets random still images from a list of unsecured webcams.

Even if we ignore rapid advancements of A.I. with extremely complex algorithms, and look at what tiny bots are doing on social media we can begin to grasp what kind of stories machines are capable of weaving.


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