Nintendo Switches It Up… Kinda

The next generation of consoles are sweeping in already, all the while the Xbox One and the PS4 are still being referred to as next gen, despite the fact that they’ve been current gen for 3 years now.

Nintendo Switch, formerly known as Nintendo NX, was finally officially revealed a couple of weeks ago now and it’s garnished a pretty deadly response with 20 million views and a phenomenal half a million likes already.

Reginald “Reggie” Fils-Aimé, Prince-Reagent at Nintendo.

Nintendo has been the king of gimmicks this last decade, but it hasn’t been a  bad thing, as a PC gamer, Nintendo produces the only consoles I’m actually ever interested in, because they’re not just budget PC’s wrapped in a nice branded box.

Whether it was the DS with it’s touch screen, it’s Wii and its motion controller, or it’s 3D screen on the 3Ds, all of which where extremely successful, Nintendo proved that games with fun, simple, and creative mechanics tailored to the hardware its on are more successful than traditional AAA games that rely on immense graphics & realism.

So what’s the gimmick with the Switch? Well, it’s actually a whole range of gimmicks that come together and form something that seems pretty damn cool.

From the ad it’s clear it’s essentially the tablet controller from the Wii U, except the ‘controller’ is the console itself! It can be plugged in to your TV like a conventional games console, but it’s also portable and can be played like a 3DS anywhere, it even shows another way of playing on the go where you can sit back and use your controller like the good ol’ WiiMote & Nunchuck.

The Wii U and the 3DS both sold incredibly well among teenagers & young adults(like myself), so it’s no surprise to see this ad tailored totally to ‘hip millennials’ as opposed to their usual target audience of families and little kids.

Announcing Elder Scrolls GO

How powerful will it be though? Well it’s not really known, but we do see Skyrim being played on it here, whether this is the newly remastered version or the original release from 2011 is hard to tell. If this machine is truly ‘next gen’ it should at least be on par with Xbox One graphics, but you just never know with Nintendo, and it’s absolute portability makes it seem unlikely that it will be that high-end. I hope I’m wrong.

What’s interesting is the Switch seeks to replace the Nintendo’s 3DS(which my friend wrote about in more detail here) while simultaneously taking over the Wii U, so a lot is banking on its success when it comes out in March 2017.


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