The Peyote Betwixt The Pixels

profo.pngMy name is Liam Michael Leonardo Levaro-Fleming, but you can call me Lememe Flememe. I’m from all around the place & currently celebrating my 3rd year as a digital humanist, studying interactive media & animation in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I’ll be returning to study for my final year in University College Cork, Ireland.

Pixel Peyote is where I go to ramble about technology, new media(mostly video games), the internet, and a little bit of everything else!

You might ask yourself, why the name Pixel Peyote? Well amigo let me explain; I’m an avid fan of pixels, after all I stare at them for most of my waking hours, on top of that I enjoy the occasional succulent plant, which a peyote is, regardless of it’s status as a schedule-1 drug. Combine these two interests and you have a pretty swell use of alliteration to name my blog.